With so much information on do’s and don’ts, it becomes difficult to decide on which path to follow. You simply feel like throwing your hands up in the air and relax. You have to ensure at all times that your baby is relaxed too. There is no better way of doing this than receiving a massage. Pregnancy is the most precious time in a woman’s life and she not only requires, but also deserves a lot of pampering.

When pregnant women come to see me as a therapist, I often find that yes, they may have aches that need soothing or sciatica that’s been set off, but it’s what’s going on in the mind that’s really troubling them. A calm mind is the key to a relaxed pregnancy and happy baby.

Although, others consider it to be something ordinary, only the mum-to-be knows that it comes with a lot of hardships. Pregnancy can bring along nausea, morning sickness, heartburn, tiredness, stress and tired muscles, increased weight and ailments related to it cannot be ignored. The blood pressure fluctuates due to hormonal imbalance (chemical messengers released by your glands) like Progesterone, Oxytocin and Relaxin, flood your system preparing your body for the baby’s arrival and whether you like it or not, they have a huge impact on your emotional reactions which may sometimes feel like a roller-coaster ride!

This is where Thai Yoga Massage becomes a powerful remedy working both the physical body where pain surfaces, and plays a vital role in the functioning of the nervous system.This results in improved sleep, appetite, memory and behaviour. It produces a ‘feel good factor’ and improves the overall development of the unborn child.

In a treatment, pressure is applied rhythmically in a rocking motion, stretches help to mobilise the joints creating space, muscles are softened, acupressure points applied and the body is encouraged to heal itself. All whilst you concentrate on deeper breathing, relaxing and releasing into the sensations – a great practice for the eventual birthing process. The tired muscles of the lower back, neck, shoulders and legs are taken special care of.

But, don’t underestimate the power of Thai Yoga Massage – it’s no frou-frou therapy – it’s deep, powerful and when sensitively applied can be one of the most nurturing experiences you will have. As your body is moved around, the energy within it moves around too. An increase in circulation, blood flow and oxygen uptake, allows feel-good endorphins to be released. As the months progress, you’re likely to feel squashed and compressed from all angles, and it is here where massage excels, by encouraging much needed spaciousness and softness back into your body.

But, let me give you just a couple more reasons why Thai massage is particularly suited to pregnancy. It also helps that this massage is a fully clothed therapy. Pregnancy drastically changes our bodies and women often feel vulnerable about the way they look and how their body changes shape. Keeping your clothes on can help you to relax into the experience, connecting you with your body at a time when it is undergoing massive transformation. Finally, Thai Yoga Massage is done on the floor on a futon rather than a massage table or couch this allows you to feel grounded (connected to the earth). Treatments are given in a comfortable position with the support of bolsters and cushions for baby and mother to be.


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PRICE: €90/60MIN